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Healing Crystals are more than just pretty rocks. They help harmonize the body, mind, spirit connection and bring a bit of true magic into our lives. So many of us today are suffering from a malaise of 'dis-ease'.
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healing crystals

Our lives are full of stress and we rarely take the time to listen to our bodies, to exercise consistently, to eat properly, or even to learn to breath correctly.

Our health is attacked from every angle, from environmental pollutants, chemicals in our foods and some 'chemicals' masquerading as food, to harmful radiation and electromagnetic waves from technology that surrounds us all day long.

In today's modern world it is not unusual to look at illness as something completely outside our realm of control. We are taught by Big Pharma and Modern Medicine associations that the path to health is early detection through annual testing and with drugs and surgery.

Is this really the best way?.....or should this be only one method in a long line of things we do to maintain health? I can`t speak for anyone else, but I think actively 

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healing stones and crystal therapy
pursuing prevention is the best first choice in the quest for health.

In Japan annual check ups are considered of such importance that the government offers annual physical check ups for free. There are a few special test someone might need that will cost ¥100 which is about $1.00 American, but basically free.

So please understand that I believe strongly in going for annual check ups. My American husband told me that in America it is recommended that you go for annual physicals starting at age 40 or 50, but in Japan we feel it is important to start at age 20 and continue for life.

So if I feel annual physical check ups are so important then why am I saying this is not the best first choice? The answer to that is so simple... when I go for my annual physical I want to hear that I am in perfect health. While I want to be aware of any problems as early as possible, if I have any, I want most of all to be healthy.

There are a slew of illness`s that if detected early enough can be successfully helped through methods of modern medicine so annual check ups are of paramount importance; but prevention is the ultimate key to long life and quality of living.

Not only our bodies, but our souls need healing. In our modern world we have cut ourselves off from our original minds and our connection to God and the spiritual world, but most us continue to be at least vaguely aware that something is missing in our lives.

 Because crystals can help us balance the body, mind, spirit connection, it can help us realign ourselves and make a connection to spiritual aspects. Wounded Souls can occur at anytime in life, but often happen in childhood when we are most vulnerable.

These wounds often fester under the surface of conscious detection and like a slow growing cancer condition interfere with our physical body, our self-esteem which leads to emotional sickness and disconnects us from a deep spiritual connection with those closes to us and causes us to doubt whether there is truly a spirit world or a creator God.

Healing crystals can help you Re-Energize

When you are suffering from an illness, when your suffering is emotional from a hard or disappointing day, or spiritual such as when you feel all alone in the world or misunderstood by everyone around you use the power of crystals to re-energize you. If you are a healer, healing crystals can protect you as you send out your healing energy to others.

Crystals were formed in the earth millions and millions of years ago and carry with them the wisdom of the ages in the form of energy and vibrational forces. Each crystal has its own unique vibrational signature and structure at the sub-atomic level.

Healing crystals are a powerhouse of energy that have been used for thousands of years by humans as symbols of power and divine spirituality as well as for their therapeutic effects. They have been used to enhance meditation and to connect one to the spirit world and the "Ultimate", or original energy source of life known to some as God.

Some people believe that crystals carry special blessings and can channel spiritual powers. Whatever your belief, you can discover your own special crystals that can help you in many area`s of your life to achieve a powerful natural remedy for health and well-being.

There are an increasing number of specialty stores carrying a range of  crystals that can be worn as jewelery and as accessories, as aids for meditation and for spiritual practices as well as natural remedies.

When first handling and choosing your first healing crystals it is recommended that you focus your mind and spirit and listen to the quiet whispers of the healing crystals. Many people believe that the healing crystals choose them rather than that the person chooses the healing crystals.

 Since all crystals have healing natures and energy, explore them all by touching them, observing them and opening yourself to your intuition.

 In addition, listen to your body; is there a sensation in your stomach, do you hear music or a small pitch of some kind in your ears, is there a tingling feeling in your fingertips or toes, or even a taste of some kind in your mouth; these can all be signs that those particular crystals are trying to communicate with you and they should be your first choices.

We will be exploring the different kinds of healing crystals and their uses so return to this site often as we will be updating it on a regular basis.

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