Herbal treatment that works!

Herbal treatment and the miracle of nature.

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) says that almost 70% of the worlds population uses herbal treatment as a primary medicine. It is estimated by some that close to half of pharmaceutical medicines either have components from herbs or a synthetic form of the component has been made to mimic the natural one.

Even in America, many Doctors write out several herbal based prescriptions every day. Here in Japan a high percentage of Doctors are trained in both allopathic medicine and eastern medicine known here as "Kanpo Yaku" or "natural medicine". The word "drug" comes from the German word "droge" which means to dry.

This was due to the need to dry herbs to use as medicine which was the only ones available until the last 100 years. Such common products as Coca Cola,(a registered name brand), started as an herbal remedy and that is why the original soda fountains were all in drug stores.

We all have taken an aspirin from time to time which comes from the willow bark. It is our understanding that Sudafed, ( a registered name brand), once had the active ingredient "ma huang" an herb that's been used in China for more then 5,000 years. And morphine, (the strongest pain killer known to man), comes from poppy.

So while modern pharmacopoeia tries to convince us that herbal remedies are "alternative medicine", the truth is that modern drugs are the new kid on the block and an alternative to the traditional treatment of herbs and other natural sources.

Some additional places you may not be aware that you are using an herbal treatment are in everyday products you get from your supermarket. Those knowledgeable in the use of herbs have used spearmint and peppermint for a few thousand years for tooth aches.

Now most brands of toothpaste have menthol which is the active ingredient. Metamucil, ( a registered name brand), uses psyllium as it`s active component for constipation and cherries have long been known to help ease a cough and is now found in many cough syrups.

So, many of us are using herbs on a regular basis. The above examples show clearly that herbal treatment is common, mainstream and has real and measurable results.

To get you started on your way to getting the greatest benefit from herbs we are going to start you with the top twelve most useful herbs for everyday use. We call them...

The Twelve Miracles!

Garlic | Echinacea | Chamomile | Ginkgo | St. John`s Wort | Lavender |

Tea Tree
|Ginseng | Ginger | Aloe Vera | Cayenne Pepper | Parsley

Remember that herbs have real and sometimes powerful effects. If you are on medication or under a doctors care please consult them before using these or any other herbs or natural remedies.

Illness is an imbalance of body, mind and spirit. For health eat more vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, cold sea water fish, meditate, do deep breathing daily, pray and actively practice a spiritual faith of your choice.

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