Home remedies for Gerd

by Connie
(King City, OR, USA)

I used to suffer very badly with GERD (acid reflux). I took prescriptions for it.

I really wanted to quit my prescriptions and heal and so I looked for natural remedies and cures that could greatly reduce or eliminate my heart burn and acid reflux.

After looking I was able to find a natural alternative to my prescription drugs.

I quit all of my prescription drugs a year ago and started taking super enzymes and then switched to something more potent, Ultimate Digestion Support which was a real advantage. I no longer need to take any of those chemical drugs prescribed by a doctor.

Apple cider vinegar with honey is an especially good remedy for heartburn or indigestion.

So I found that whenever I got persistent indigestion, if I took a swallow or two of Bragg's apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey, the indigestion would go completely away.

This really works! If you suffer from acid reflux, try it. It is amazing how natural home remedies really do help to heal us.

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