Magnetic Healing ! Feel the healing power of magnetic therapy!

Magnetic Healing and useing magnetic therapy may be just the remedy you need...

An estimated 10 million people are successfully using magnetic therapy in Japan for chronic pain, arthritis, broken bones, and sleep disorders, including insomnia.
Tens of millions more are using magnets for healing in India, China, and parts of Europe.

 While most North American doctors continue to see magnets for healing as snake oil or non-sense,  many others from around the world are finding mounting evidence that they believe is proof of it`s effectiveness.

While we don`t see magnetic therapy or any of the home remedies on this site to be a cure all for everything that ails you, we do believe magnetic mattresses, magnetic bracelets and other magnetic products for healing and physical therapy to be a very effective alternative for many conditions, particularly chronic pain and sleep disorders.

Magnet healing and what it remedies!

  • Magnetic therapy #1: Speed up the bodies natural healing process. Magnetic therapy can kick the immune system into action that heals at a cellular level. It also enhances the bloods ability to carry oxygen and nutrition more effectively throughout the body for enhanced performance.

  • Magnet healing #2: Reduces or eliminates pain. By stabilizing the nervous system and influencing other bodily functions it often is effective treatment.

  • Magnetic therapy #3: Increased Blood flow. The natural effects of the magnets improve blood flow and enhance immune functions. In some men this also improves sexual function and in women it can enhance sexual enjoyment.

  • Magnetic healing #4: Headaches. Bed pillows lined with magnets have effectively relieved mild and migraine headaches for many.

  • Magnetic therapy #5: Asthma. Magnet therapy helps reduce allergies which contribute to asthma.

  • Magnetic healing #6: Broken and fractured Bones. Magnets help the bone heal faster. They are believed to promote regeneration of tissue and bone.

  • Magnetic therapy #7: Back Pain. Magnetic mattress pads, car and home seat cushions and other devices are useful for reducing back pain.

  • Magnets #8: Flu. Magnetic therapy used on the stomach can clean the liver. Magnets can help move toxins out of the body. This enhances the immune functions and helps reduce flu symptoms and end the virus more quickly.

  • Magnetic healing #9: Muscle Aches. Sleeping on a magnetic mattress can relieve fatigued or aching muscles. In addition you will find yourself sleeping better which will improve the speed of healing.

  • Magnetic therapy #10: Insomnia. This along with chronic muscle pain and arthritis are all close runners as to which should probably be listed first with this home remedy. If you are having occasional or chronic sleeplessness you really need to try this. Countless thousands have found this to be the very solution they were looking for.

Many have tried everything else and try this as a last ditch effort even though they are almost certain it wont work. To their surprise it does.
After drugs and many other treatments some find that this is what finally helps them get the sleep they need.

Magnetic therapy in Japan is far more advanced then in most other countries. It is also more accepted here. We believe it can help you as much as it has others.

Magnetic therapy is a great addition to the home remedies offered on this site. It can help insomniacs and those suffering other forms of sleep disorders to get needed sleep. It can reduce pain, inflammation and aid the body in removing toxins.

For under a $100 U.S. you can get started using this therapy. There are blankets, wrist and ankle bracelets, head bands and for a little more you can get magnetic mattress`s.

Illness of any kind is in our opinion an imbalance of the body, mind and spirit connection. To regain balance we recommend eating more whole foods, fish nuts, seeds and sea weeds. Meditate and practice daily deep breathing. Find and actively practice a spiritual faith of your choosing.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Make the home remedies, including magnetic healing, your first step toward a healthier lifestyle.

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