Meditation techniques are an important home remedy for health!

Meditation techniques are one of the most important home remedies for health! While many have wondered if it could truly help, they put off trying because of the many demands on their time.
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Carl Jung once said,"analysis is like having surgery without the anesthesia". This is perhaps what many of us think of meditation. The rigors of modern living leave little time for stopping a moment to relax, reflect, and to quiet the mind. And why should we... there is the next project, our favorite t.v. show or the kids need a bath.

Today with all our modern technology and conveniences the sad truth is that the majority of deaths today are from preventable diseases many of which come from stress related illness. A study from Harvard University showed conclusive evidence that meditation produces the "relaxation response".

Done as a daily routine meditation can greatly reduce stress, aid in the reduction of inflammation which is associated with many modern illnesses such as arthritis and cancer among others, and for many give back control over there emotions and even aid in deep sleep. So my answer to the question "why?"... is why not? Twelve to twenty one minutes a day can give you an extra step in your stride and possibly added years to your life... not to mention better quality of living along the way.

According to Hindu text "Action, wisdom, devotion, and meditation are the keys to self-transformation". For those that believe in a Creator, meditation helps us to reach a level of mental clarity that connects us to the Creator and the source of creation. Meditation techniques can teach us to live in the present, to rediscover ourselves, body, mind and spirit.

Meditation techniques can dissolve the stress that holds us back from realizing our potential. It can clear a pathway for a journey of destiny. Meditation techniques teach us to be alive and to harness the awesome power of your body, mind, soul trinity.

People from all over the world throughout history have benefited from meditation. Along with visualization, meditation is not just for the mind or spirit but also a great remedy for what ails the body. So come on everybody... To feel Great lets Meditate!  

Meditation is to "cure" by restoring measure or balance to ones life.

  • Your unconscious is much like a child, it functions best with routine. Once it has learned meditation techniques it will be able to take you to a state of relaxation very quickly. Begin by choosing a time you can take 12 - 21 minutes every day to practice your meditation techniques.

  • If you want to sit in a lotus position that's fine, but most of you wont be able to sit like that for very long so I recommend a chair with a straight back. If too comfortable many of you will fall asleep which is not effective meditation, but if too uncomfortable you will be unable to concentrate. In all things moderation and balance are key.

  • Begin by placing your hands on your lap with palms facing up and gently raise your hands toward your heart while breathing in through your nose on the count of 4 while saying "I am alive", then gently lowering your hands toward your lap with palms facing down breathing out through your mouth again on the count of 4, while saying "Thank you". You should do this four times to get yourself prepared for meditation.

  • Focusing on your breath is one of the best meditation techniques to begin with and for many it works so well its the only one they learn. Begin by closing your eyes and begin to breath in deeply through your nose on the count of 4. Most people breath into their chest but you should practice breathing into the depths of your stomach.

  • As you breath in, listen to your breath. Focus only on it. If other thoughts come to mind, don`t get frustrated, just let them pass without giving any attention to them and gently bring your attention back to your breath. Imagine a bright, warm light comes into your body along with your breath filling you with joy and contentment. All is right with the world. Imagine it. Allow yourself to feel it.

  • Now as you breath out through your mouth on the count of 4 imagine that a gray fog is leaving with the breath. Feel the release of tension, resentment and other negative feelings that have built up over time. Feel the breath with all things negative leaving your body. Visualize it as a gray cloud of fog leaving the body through your mouth.

  • Now bring your focus to your toes. Can you feel them without moving them? If no, move them just a little. Now that you have a sense of them you can feel them without moving them. Now bring your focus to your ankles, then your calves. As you move upward from one body part to the next, what do you feel? Try to imagine the white light you breathed in settling into those parts of the body. Feel the warmth of the light. Continue this until you have spent time with each part of your body. Get to know it. Imagine the white light bringing health and vitality to each part of your body.

  • Now that you are relaxed and have visualized your entire body in a state of perfect health, bring your focus to only your breath. As you breath in imagine the oxygen and white light going through your entire body. Feel the warmth. See the wave of energy moving across your body.

  • As you breath out feel the release of all things negative and unhealthy leaving your body through your breath and a gray fog. Continue this for the remainder of your meditation time. This is one of the true meditation techniques that is good for all levels of practitioners.

You should get a Zen chime clock that will sound with a gentle chime so that you don`t need to worry about the time. Creation is built on principles and with-in those principles certain numbers play an important role. Twelve and twenty one are important numbers. I recommend the choice of one of these two times to begin your meditation techniques. Crystals are great to use while meditating. They are formed in the earth and are very old and have in them the energy of creation. We will discuss in another section of this site how to choose your personal crystal(s), but using it/them during meditation is a great tool. The essential oil, Lavender is also great because it helps you relax.

In addition to this daily meditation I also highly recommend using meditative hydrotherapy as one of your meditation techniques. At night prepare a hot bath. Place ten drops of lavender essential oil into the bath, light a candle and place your crystal in the room with you. If you have spiritual or religious beliefs, some pictures that relate to those beliefs are also great to have. Then, just relax. A great way to end the day.

Remember that illness and dis-ease are an imbalance in the body, mind, spirit connection. The secret formula for health is to eat more vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, cold sea water fish and sea vegetation, meditate, pray and practice daily deep breathing.

Learn more about How to Meditate and experience it`s healing energy!

Meditation for Couples...improve your marriage...improve your health!

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