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We define natural or home health remedies as those things which can be done at home with out the need of a prescription and that can generally be described as natural.

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Herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables and essential oils are some of God`s natural gifts and a perfect choice for home health remedies. When used correctly they can be powerful and infinitely more healthy then commercially prepared synthetic counterparts. Here you will find great natural home remedies for ailments from arthritis pain to zits.

Word of Caution!

Remember that just because these are natural remedies  don`t just carelessly use them. While most are generally safe many have very real and powerful effects.

 Just like morophine, (the most powerful pain reliever known to man), which comes from the poppy plant, other less known herbs, plants and natural remedies can have equally powerful effects.

Even something as seemingly harmless as a grapefruit has been showing in some cases to enhance absorption of some medications. In some cases this is helpful... in others it could potentially cause an overdose.

So it is important to understand what you are taking and what effects there might be with your particular situation, (especially if on medication, under a doctors care or if health is less than optimal).

We therefore strongly recommend getting the advice of a professional health care provider knowledgeable in both allopathic, (modern or Western medicine), and traditional, (natural or Eastern medicine), about the proper use of foods, herbs, meditation, exercise and other natural home remedies offered on this site.

None of this is meant to scare anyone as these are generally very safe, especially if a little common sense is applied. All these things can bring you restored health, energy and feelings of well-being, but they have real and powerful effects that need to be understood with relation to your situation. Health is your responsibility so take care to make informed decisions about the things you try.

Health is one of our greatest assets!

Yet we often treat our pets and cars with more care and attention. You can probably tell me that last time you had the oil in your car changed and when the next change is scheduled, but can you tell me the last time you did a body cleansing or a mental or spiritual cleansing?

Lets get healthy with these Natural Remedies and Home Cures. Find the remedy you need by using the list of conditions and diseases.

A ~ Z list of Conditions and Diseases and the Natural Home Remedies
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