Spiritual Remedy

by chris
(cherry hill, nj)

I am a Catholic and look to my faith as my spiritual remedy whenever I feel an abnormal physical symptom of illness.

Prayer is my first choice. Connecting with my faith and the power above, I feel that even a serious illness or physical condition can be remedied by reporting it to God and having the faith to let him work.

Our bodies are truly remarkable in their ability to heal, and through prayer we can connect with our creator so that he can help the body do it`s miracles and heal our conditions.

When I suffer conditions such as heart palpatation, or become short of breath due to stress or anxiety it comforts me to pray.

I begin to pray the rosary and within minutes sinus rhythm returns and anxiety ceases without drugs!

Works everytime when I put my trust in God's hands immediately and move on in praying the rosary. The body is amazing in repairing itself if you trust in God to take you through it all.

Prayer is my recommended spiritual remedy.

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