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Why do we have a section for Religions on a website about home remedies? It is our fundamental belief that with- out practicing some form of spirituality or one of the world religions and developing a relationship with God,( the universal life force, Buddha, Amen Ra, Allah, Heavenly Father, originating cosmic energy force or what ever name you are comfortable with using), achieving true and complete health is just not possible.

The study of world religions help to understand the forces that make health possible. Learning about world religions can help you make a connection to nature and creation. Understanding that we are connected with all of creation gives us the path to health and happiness.

To quote my husband Mark, "the idea that nothing suddenly became something and without cause exploded into everything just doesn`t seem logical". So to us it is clear that there is a God of creation and that everything with-in creation was made in some way to harmonize with the whole. Health is not just about food and nutrition but is about energy and vibration and mental and spiritual connection.

As different as world religions are, many world religions and science teach that we all originated from one beginning energy force. World Religions try to put a face and personality on that energy to better understand and to develop a relationship with that source of power.

While other world religions put many faces and personalities through the worship of many gods to understand the intelligent energy source from which we came. Science try's to understand it through mathematical equations and scientific research, but like the world religions, they are all centered around trying to understand where we came from and why.

The new sciences are proven everyday that life is more interconnected then we ever imagined possible. It is now being discovered that there are elements that are influenced millions of light years away instantly at the same time its counter part is influenced here on earth. It is thought that light speed is the fastest anything can travel so how is it that information about one thing can travel instantly over thousands of light years to let it`s counter part know and consequently make the same changes? We don`t have the answer to that yet, but it goes to show just how connected we are.

Some now conclude that their is an "Intelligent energy source" from which all energy emanates and since all elements of existence are energy that one element will have instant access to any other element with out the need to travel any distance. Science is now proving that there is more to life that we don` t see then there is that we do. World Religions have always talked about the hidden forces to life, but it is only in the last 100 years that science is finding some of those physical forces.

There will come a time when science and world religions will unite and reconcile and form a cohesive understanding of life. It is often believed that most world religions stand opposed to scientific idea`s such as evolution. It is also believed by many that those in the scientific community view evolution as a proven fact. Neither of these are true in the opinion of the authors of this site.

There is no doubt that all things evolve over time. This is a natural process of survival. Some living things often develop some feature(s) that are similar to another living thing. But no where has it been shown or proven that one thing develops into a completely different thing.

This idea is purely a hypothesis; it has not even reached the level of theory, much less fact. A rock does not evolve into a flower, a fly does not evolve into a butterfly and a monkey does not evolve into a man. How does this all relate to home remedies and achieving a state of good health? Because we were given dominion over nature, we often feel we are above it and separate from it.

But that is no more true then a government agency that has authority over us is separate or above us. Certainly there are some elitist that think they are above everyone else, but does that make it so? I certainly don`t think so. We are just as much a part of that nation with-in its system of government as anyone else.

We hope that those with authority over us will understand that and take their responsibilities seriously and execute them wisely. When the leaders see themselves as separate and above those they lead, then many of the world`s atrocities happen. When we fail to recognize that there is a God of creation and a purpose for it, and that we were given the responsibility to manage nature and ourselves in a productive way that produces harmony, then we get out of alignment with the basic principles of life and creation and we destroy the earth and ourselves.

A look at some of the world religions gives each visitor to this site an opportunity to find a method and system of reconnecting to God and creation so that we can begin to gain an understanding of the forces of nature that can help us achieve lasting health. God created us with all the elements of creation.

To paraphrase Gandhi, " everything that is in the universe is in man and anything that is not found in man is not found in the universe". All the things necessary for good health are found with-in nature. Most of us know that there are vitamins and minerals in plants and animals that when consumed by man can be absorbed for health. But we didn`t always understand the specifics of such things as vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, phenols, etc.

There is evidence that man has had some understanding that elements in nature such as plants, herbs, animals and other things could be used for health and healing for tens of thousands of years, but when the first person to suggest specifically that there were vitamins in the food that played a specific role in our health, he was ridiculed for being foolish. Later when the first vitamin was discovered and understood, it was given the name "vitamin A" because it was the first vitamin.

 Then the next to be discovered was vitamin "B". At first they thought there was only one vitamin B but later found there were many and then there was C, D, E, etc. So this was the beginning to understanding that there were vitamins and other specific elements in food and herbs that directly contributed to our health.

I tell you this story to show you that throughout history people were/are ridiculed for trying to show how all the elements of health can be found in nature. To this day those trying to show this continue to be ridiculed by some of the scientific community in spite of the mountains of mounting evidence to the contrary. This is primarily due to concerns of profit by the big corporations and arrogance of the elite. Another short story to make this point; when the first man to suggest that there were invisible germs that caused disease he was called a heretic.

When one famous sailor, ( I forget his name), of the middle ages brought back the information that certain fruits could be used to prevent what is now known as scurvy, was ridiculed because this discovery was from an Indian tribe and the "sophisticated scholars" of the time said that the practices of savages had no place in civilized culture. For 300 more years untold masses of sailors suffered and died at the hand of a disease that was later discovered to be a vitamin C deficiency.

To combat this, the British Navy later started carrying Limes on their ships and the consumption of the limes prevented scurvy because of the vitamin C. From then on, British have been known as "Limeys". These are just a few of countless examples of people being ridiculed for showing that the way to health is found in nature, not in a lab.

Throughout history because of ignorance and greed those trying to show the way to health have been ridiculed, shamed, some imprisoned and some even killed. We are moving into an era when much of our food is more chemical and synthetic then it is real living food. This is happening because of greed, pride and arrogance.

Former chemical companies are now the biggest Agricultural companies in the world and they make such things as Bovine growth hormone giving to most live stock. I have heard that one company uses the components used to make Agent Orange during the Vietnam War to make a common pesticide.

If we believe that we can absorb vitamins and minerals by eating plants and animals but that we don`t absorb the chemicals, growth hormones and pesticides...well then... it is us that is being foolish. But when giving the choice to make billions of dollars or to be good stewards over nature for the good of the Earth and Humanity, it is only if we understand there is a God that we will make the right choice.

We were not giving the right to do what ever we want with nature, but were giving the responsibility to take care of all of Nature, to live for the sake of others and to treat our minds and bodies as temples for God to reside in.

It is only with this understanding that we have a reason and enough motivation to do the right thing. Otherwise there is no reason not to make billions of dollars with-out regard to humanity or nature or to eat food based solely on pleasure and indulgence rather than based on balanced nutrition. In this world there are as many world religions and as many ways to understanding God and having a relationship with him as there are cultures and languages.

So how do you know which one of the world religions is right? On the chance that I will be ridiculed by those believing there is only one right way, I would suggest that you start with which ever one of the world religions that makes sense to you. If you truly seek God he will reveal himself to you and he will guide you down the path to which one of the world religions you need to take. Harmony and balance are evident throughout all of creation.

God made diversity and harmony work as one. God is great enough to allow more than one path to heaven. Worry more about seeking God and choosing one of the world religions that suits you, then worrying if one of the world religions is more right than another and he will cast a light so that you can see which one of the world religions is the true path for you.

We will explore several world religions and there teachings in an effort to both show that worshiping God does not have to be the way you were taught as a child and to show how all of creation is connected in a way that when understood can be used to achieve health and happiness. Hippocrates,(the father of modern medicine), said,"let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food". We have made many wonderful advancements in modern society. But along the way we have forgotten how connected we are to the rest of creation.

While we live longer today, many of us live a very poor quality of life. Some of the healthiest people on the planet give us clues to what we need to do if we want a long life that has with it the quality of living that makes a long life desirable. Some of the longest living people in the world are Okinawan farmers who live off the land eating natural, non genetically altered fruit and vegetables, cold water fish, and drinking several cups of green tea a day as well as infusing daily practices of their world religions beliefs and exercise into everyday living.

There are the Indian Yogi`s who also eat healthy, practice stretching and other forms of low impact exercise and their own form of religious practices into everyday living, and the Tibetan monks, who again take eating healthy, meditation and their own form of world religions practices into daily living.

You don`t have to become a monk, a farmer or a yogi to experience lasting health. But a quick look at those who are consistently living longer and better then the rest of the world gives us a clue how we can also be healthy. The key components are eating healthy, low impact exercise, world religions practices to keep you in tune with God and learning about the other forces in nature such as vibrational components and magnetism that can help you achieve health.

We hope that this section on world religions will help you in discovering a system to help you form your own daily worship for a healthy life on this earth and beyond. While you may have come to this site looking for a herbal remedy to relieve your arthritis pain or alleviate your break out of acne, we hope you will explore the world religions we offer here to see if one might be right for you to begin you new life of health and vitality.

Throughout the history of man, it is not the men of medicine that has taught us the most about health. On the contrary, through most of history, we have learned what to eat and how, traditions of cleanliness and daily living through our religious faith.

Buddha is often spoken about as a healer. Some say his mission was that of a healer. In the Tibetan tradition is the Blue Buddha. Whenever you see Buddha with a blue head or a picture with his body painted blue this represents the healing nature of Buddha.

When the Communist Chinese attacked Tibet, they burned all the natural medicine texts of the monks. To keep this information known so it could be passed down through the ages, the monks developed a system of pictures which taught the practices of the healing monks and all they knew about natural medicine.

The Jewish faith has strict rules about food and cleanliness that are taught to keep them healthy and pure.

Islam shares a similar tradition of foods that are taught to be excellent and others that are forbidden. They also have traditions of cleanliness, caring of others and prayer life that are thought to keep one healthy and pure.

In the Christian tradition, Jesus was called,(among other names), the Great Physician. This is not coincidental. The authors of this site believe it is not only about his miracle healing, but also because when one understands the teachings and living example of Jesus we find a path not only to heaven, but one of health and life on earth. The life and teachings of Jesus show us a life of healthy eating, cleanliness, service to others, prayer and meditation, all the components of healthy living.

One of the earliest symbols of Christianity was not the cross, but the fish. Among his twelve disciples, the first three were fishermen of the sea. While some see this symbolism being from Jesus telling those first disciples they would be "fishers of men", others point to the importance of the sea. Earliest life began in the sea.

Many have experienced the healing benefits of swimming with dolphins. Sea vegetation and cold, sea water fish are well known to have numerous health giving benefits. Natural coral calcium is said to play a major role in the health of Okinawan residents, a southern Island of Japan where the most centenarians in the world live.

When Jesus feed the masses, he did so with fish and bread. Fish and grain, (bread of that day was of course made only with natural whole grains, not processed like today),are staples in a healthy diet. Even at the last supper when Jesus taught his disciples to remember him he used the symbols of bread and wine for the remembrance ceremony.

Many of you may take this as condoning the drinking of alcohol. But if you study the history of that day, what was often called wine was hard vinegar used in water to sanitize parasites for clean drinking water. Vinegar has many health giving qualities as does of course, clean, pure water. During that last supper Jesus washed the feet of the disciples which both teaches service to others along with cleanliness.

Hinduism and yoga also follow traditions of healthy eating, exercise and cleanliness both as a spiritual pursuit as well as for physical health. From Hindu traditions we get "Ayurveda" the natural medicine practices of India. Ayurveda has a long and rich tradition of eating, exercise, stretching, meditation, traditions of cleanliness and breathing exercises that are all done both for physical and spiritual health as these are seen as connected and inseparable.

In all of these traditions, eating right, exercise or labor, cleanliness of body, home, mind and mouth along with daily spiritual practices and meditation or prayer are the corner stones and foundations to all major belief systems of spiritual and religious faith.

The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, now known as the "Family Federation for World Peace" a new religious faith founded on principles formed from Christianity, Confucianism, and Buddhism also teaches that balance and health are achieved with a disciplined focus on the "ideal" of living for the sake of others and having a direct relationship with God.

To go to bed early and arise early is to be in tune with the natural ebb and flow of nature. Eating natural foods, prayer, hard work and daily exercise are all components the founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon exemplifies. This faith believes strongly in sexual abstinence before marriage as a means to maintain sexual, emotional and spiritual health. They believe that family is the corner stone of a healthy person, community, nation and world. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this particular faith and wonder why we have chosen to include it here, let me explain.

This websites focus is not to determine which faith you should follow, but to give you a fair representation of some of the most followed faiths in the world. Most of the ones we mentioned are hundreds or thousands of years old, but in fairness we wanted also to offer at least one of the newer faiths. Of the many out there, Rev Moons is the most successful religious movements while the founder is still alive that has ever existed. It is estimated that he has a following of over 3 million. Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad all had a few hundred to a few thousand followers during their life time.

Mr. Moon was awarded the "King of Peace" award in 2004 at the U.S. Senate building by U.S. Senators. He has Theological schools, hospitals, and business`s all over the world and followers in 179 countries. He has met with the likes of President Nixon, Regan, and Bush,Sr. as well as many Presidents and Prime Ministers throughout the world. This faith like the others mentioned, has a rich tradition that includes healthy living.

Are we really so much smarter then all these great thinkers and teachers of the ages? If you agree with me that we are not... then please explore some of these teachings from world religions and world spiritual practices to find a system of faith, health and happiness that makes sense for you.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Make the home remedies on this site, along with a spiritual practice of your choice, the first steps on your journey toward better health.

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Rev Moon teaches that the three great blessing of God are a Healthy Body and Spirit, a United family through marriage and abundant, joyful living while being good stewards of the earth!

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